Scan-to-BIM in the Pre-design phase (GIM International)

July 31, 2017

Today's high demand for energy-efficient buildings has triggered the need for gathering documentation on existing construction conditions. This information is then used to design buildings with high consideration to the site conditions, or to allow the renovation of old buildings that can no longer meet the requirements for energy performance or comfortable living. The documentation required for this type of situation is often outdated or missing. To create an optimal design, the existing conditions need to be registered and analysed using advanced technological methods such as building information modelling (BIM) or 3D laser scanning. In a recent project in Copenhagen, Denmark, BIM and 3D laser scanning were applied together as an integrated process and methodology that brought multiple benefits in the pre-design stage.

Zeso Architects update their Subscription

May 18, 2017

Zeso Architects have recently updated their subscription to our Revit Templates for Conceptual Design, Design and Detailed Design. Together with that they have received a free Production template with multiple product-specific families.

We are very glad to contribute to our customers' daily activities and follow up on their increased productivity with the use of our solutions.

Impressions from the FARO 3D Conference in Rottweil, Germany

May 11, 2017

Have a look at the speakers, presentations and impressions from the FARO 3D Conference where we introduced a case study on Scan-to-BIM workflows in the Pre-design phase.

FARO 3D Conference 2017 in Rottweil, Germany

April 26, 2017

We have recently had the pleasure to be a part of the FARO 3D Conference in Rottweil, Germany and give a presentation on Scan-to-BIM workflows in the Pre-design phase.

NEWBIM Customer Success Story

April 24, 2017

Read our Customer Success Story from FARO to learn more about how we incorporate 3D Laser Scanning in our BIM Project Models and daily activities.

3D Laser Scanning & Scan-to-BIM

January 15, 2017


Effective planning, coordination and sharing of information is essential to architects, engineers and contractors in any type of construction project and at any stage of the project life cycle. With the use of 3D laser scanning, we provide AEC professionals with accurate documentation of existing conditions and monitoring of construction works and we generate detailed as-built information for both new buildings and structures and renovation projects. Point Cloud data can, moreover, help you determine the structural integrity of existing facilities and plan restoration procedures. It can also be used for historic preservation and scientific analysis purposes.


Contact us to arrange a demonstration meeting and see how 3D laser scanning and Scan-to-BIM solutions can help you raise the productivity and quality of your projects.

3D Laser Scanning

October 02, 2016


We are excited to announce that we have recently completed several 3D Laser Scanning test projects in collaboration with Rønnow Architects and with the use of advanced FARO technology. We can now provide you with a complete Scan-to-BIM solution for conceptual design, refurbishment projects, building extensions, pre-construction site survey, on-site monitoring of construction build, post-construction model verification and much more.

BIM Objects for Focus Lighting

March 21, 2016


We have again modeled some new high-quality Revit and ArchiCAD objects for Focus Lighting.


Torsdags Konstruktøren

February 25, 2016


Torsdags Konstruktøren is a range of events developed and organized by the students and lecturers of Erhvervsakademi Sjælland with the purpose of providing insight into the education and the local businesses.

This time, we have had the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience about BIM and present advanced use of Autodesk Revit and other software applications.


8-week course in Autodesk Revit for Rønnow Architects

December 15, 2015


We have just completed a course in integrated design development and BIM with focus on the use of Autodesk Revit at Rønnow Architects. As a part of the course we have combined and adapted our Architecture and Digitization Project Models to fit the company's needs and foster the BIM transformation process.


3D Modeling Course for Sønderskov-Skolen

November 30, 2015


We have started collaborating with the public schools' technical lines. Recently, we held a basic course in 3D modeling and parametric design for Sønderskov School in Sønderborg.

Revit Course at Aarhus Tech

October 04, 2015


We have just completed a successful course in Autodesk Revit for first semester bachelor students in Architectural Technology and Construction Management at Aarhus TECH. It is of a great importance for the development of the Danish construction industry that we all put an effort to promote and support the sharing of knowledge within BIM. We are grateful for the good collaboration.

Design & Visualiation of Extension Building for Sønderskov-Skolen

June 07, 2015


NEWBIM has designed, modeled and visualized an extension building for Søndeskov Skolen in Sønderborg, Denmark. The project had been presented to the local authorities for the construction of a new arts classroom. Another great example of the quality and graphic level of our BIM Project Models.

BIM Objects fro Focus Lighting

May 02, 2015


We are very glad to announce our continued collaboration with Focus Lighting. We have again modeled some high-quality 3D lighting fixture objects in Autodesk Revit.

DNA Architects update their Subscription

April 23, 2015


DNA Architects have updated their subscription to our 2015 Architecture Project Model. We are glad for the positive feedback and the added value our solutions bring to our collaborators. 2015 is a significant year for our innovative approach to more integrated workflows and smoother BIM implementation process.

2015 Project Models for Digitalization of Existing Buildings

March 30, 2015


We have just released our 2015 templates for fast and effective digitalization and management of existing buildings in BIM.

It is often very complicated to model existing buildings, as they frequently contain more complex object types compared to new buildings. Our product is unique in the market and it is distinguished for its ease of use, direct application and value creation.

2015 Project Models for Architecture and Design in BIM

March 30, 2015


We have just released our 2015 Templates for Architecture and Design in BIM with multiple improvements and optimized functions. We have spent the last couple of months in research and product development. Our goal has as always been to realize gains through automation and process optimization.

Copenhagen University Digitalized

July 14, 2014


In collaboration with CN3 we have recently digitalized the Architectural and Structural disciplines of Copenhagen University.

BIM Objects for Focus Lighting

May 08, 2014


We have modeled high-quality BIM Objects in Autodesk Revit for Focus Lighting.

Regionsgården Digitalized

May 08, 2014


We have digitalized Regionsgården in collaboration with Tegnestuen Møllestræde.

Gribskov town hall digitalized

April 09, 2014


We have digitalized Gribskov town hall in collaboration with Tegnestuen Møllestræde. Our responsibility comprised on-site registration and modeling of Architectural discipline.

2015 templates

January 14, 2014


We have just released our 2015 Revit Templates with many improvements and optimized workflows.

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